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The world's first series of ancient DNA tests

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Discover your genetic similarity to past peoples and cultures with the first deep-rooted test based on ancient DNA (aDNA). Do not stop with modern-day comparisons to your genome. The DNA extracted from skeletons and mummies allows us to go back in time and compare you to actual people who lived hundreds and even thousands of years ago around the world. Find out if you have true Israelite, Viking, Chumash Indian, British Roman or Ancient Egyptian ancestry—and more. Embark on the great adventure of our times with your own test today!

Never took a DNA test? Once you order the introductory Primeval DNA Test we will send you a simple sample collection kit. You swab the inside of your cheek to produce a specimen, return it by mail to our lab and wait 6-8 weeks. A file of your raw DNA data containing 80,000 highly selective nucleotide positions across your genome will be loaded into your account at DNA Consultants. The Primeval DNA Test uses genetic algorithms developed by our expert scientists and automatically analyzes your genetic similarity to the ancient people of your interest. You can study your report online or download, print and share it.

Already took a DNA test? Just upload your raw data and start ordering on this page. There is no charge for uploads. Get deep discount on this introductory offer if you have already taken a personal genome test.

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You are just a few seconds away from gaining knowledge no history book can give you. These tests are sold exclusively by DNA Consultants. Order yours now!

Currently available ancient peoples and cultures

Ancient Britons in Roman Britain

Britons, Romans, Celts and others buried between 100 and 300 CE in Driffield Terrace cemetery outside York, England

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Ancient Israelites

Farmers, herders, merchants and other Levantine people who lived in the bounds of modern-day Israel from the end of the Stone Age down to Biblical times

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Ice Age Europeans

Paleolithic hunter-gatherers of Early Europe

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Chumash Paleo-Indians

Paleo-Indians of the Santa Barbara Channel area of the southern California coast ancestral to present-day Chumash People and Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Indians

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Egyptian Mummies

Ancient mummified Egyptians sampled from the Abusire el-Meleq Archeological Site near Cairo

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Stone Age Europeans

Mesolithic people at the end of the hunter-gatherer culture in Europe and Western Asia, introducing more permanent settlements.

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Vikings in Medieval Iceland

Norse and Irish settlers in Iceland from its earliest colonization

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